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strong a contra●st to the forced founding of ●St.Petersburg.There the hand of ●man is all in evidence; nothing▓ is refreshing.A great prison fortre●ss of granite blocks surrounded by huts● and barracks.Moscow is a pro●duct of nature, founded with enthusiasm by its d●wellers in response to the open▓ invitation of nature, and adored even▓ with devotion.Even the stranger ●feels this, even though there is nothing to wh●ich he is unaccustomed except the ▓devotion and tenderness of a peopl▓e to whom he is bound by not a single tie of▓ common association.With what[Pg 259] shudd●ers one wanders through Rome, from

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M▓ont Pincio to the Vatican! how one is car▓ried on by the ocean of world▓ history upon the Capitoline, among the excavati●ons of the Forum, among the p●alace walls of the Palatine! What is to us, i▓n contrast, the Kremlin, this sanct▓uary of half-Asiatic barbarians Yes, an e▓xoteric delicacy, nothing els▓e! One cannot free one's self from th▓e charm of these places.Here a good-natured fol▓k has created a jewel-box, g●ay and dazzlingly ornamented, care●less of what the culture of ●the West has declared beautiful and holy; hith▓er gravitate all the national feelings of▓ a hundred million people; and, fina▓lly, all this is created to the ha●rm of no one, to frighten no one, to oppre●ss no one.

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